Photos and Restorations

My '68 Corvette, A Very Important Car!

Okay Boys and Girls I present a car that may have been the most important car that I have ever owned. This car helped to create a certain bond between my brother Nicky and me when he convinced me to enter it in a big Auto Show in Milwaukee in January of 1974! At that particular show I happened to meet one of my mentors, Al Bonk, which led to my sharing a shop with him and learning a ton, which was probably a small portion of what he had to teach! I also had this car when I first joined The Wisconsin Corvette Club which led to some great friendships, and the introduction to things like autocrossing, ice trials, Hare and Hounds rallys among other things...including working as the editor of the club newsletter "CheckPoint"...which involved some really great nights typing up and printing the publication with a bunch of other members in my one bedroom apartment!!!

This car is also the first that I completely tore down to make it into "my car" and perform a bunch of modifications that I didn't have the experience in doing but with the help of Al and others had the confidence to do so. I figured if I had chosen this route to be my career I'd better get some "On The Job Training" and better it be on my own car instead of a customer's car just in case I messed up!!!

I have many stories that go along with this car but surprisingly not a whole lot of photos...most of which are from that Auto Show that my Dear Brother convinced me to enter, which led to so many other important opportunities and adventures in my life!
Thanks Nicky...this page is dedicated to you...I'll miss you...

Here she is in all of her glory! Remember folks, this was the early 70's!

Notice the detail inside the door!
Al Bonk painted this car before I owned it and his attention to detail was magnificent!

427...nuff said!

Driving Lights?

Velour seats...very sexy! But for you purists, notice the steering wheel!
Of course I was young and dumb back then and swapped it out for a smaller diameter Wood Rimmed least it was real wood!

Well, yep...that's me...standing next to this awesome car with the poster that my Dear Talented Sister Deanna made for this event. She is definitely the artist of the family!

What an awesome paint job!!!
Just think of the hours Al Bonk put into doing the bodywork, prepping and painting this car...and he was only in his twenties at the time...such talent!!!

And then...

You have...

The Idiot

Who thinks...(Notice the two hoods in the background)

Maybe, just maybe...

He can make it better!
Yep, stripped down to bare "glass" and getting ready to bond the flares on the front fenders. Here's where I learned about bonding strips and how to carefully remove an old fiberglass fender, keeping that strip in tact, and then installing the new one...thanks Al!!!

The following photos are a bit bittersweet. 
I did get the car finished and road worthy albiet with a hot 350 engine instead of the really hot 427 that I had hoped to drive...but that's only part of the story.
I had to use this car as a daily driver since my regular daily, a Chrysler Town and Country wagon, (Yeah that BIG Chrysler, not the frickin' minivan!!!), was crashed while I was gone out west on a Corvette buying adventure for a customer of mine. 
To supplement my income I used to tend bar at the American Serb Memorial Hall in Milwaukee and after closing one winter night I walked to the parking lot to see my beloved Corvette was gone. At first I thought that a couple of my fellow Serb bartenders were playing a trick on me and maybe pushed the car up by the church...Nope!
The car was gone...
A couple of Milwaukee detectives who happened to frequent Serb Hall and were friends of my cousin Bobby who was a Milwaukee cop found the car...the shell. 
I ended up selling it to a fellow Wisconsin Corvette Club member as I was really much love and work was gone...
This experience really changed me forever for the good things and the bad...
Here are the only pics I have from my work on it:

This photo and others do not do the paint job, applied with a ton of help from Al Bonk,  do the car justice. Silver and blue with a certain appreciation to Bugatti with the side treatment as I always admired him and his ethic. I realized most people wouldn't "get it", but hell it was my car and this is how I felt!

You can barely make out the L88 hood and the conversion to Greenwood's Le Mans headlights!

A great shot of the rear with that wide blue center racing stripe and Al Bonk's hand formed rear flares that were on the car when I originally bought it!

One last shot!

As mentioned earlier, this page is dedicated to my Dear Brother...
Nick Tatalovich
Born: December 12, 1947
At Rest: November 9, 2016